Custom Keyword Research

Custom Keyword Research.

I’ve been providing keyword related services on BHW for well over a year now. Instead of straying away from my bread and butter, I’m toasting it with this new offering.

Up for grabs is the most solid keyword research in the business. What I’m offering is performance grade keyword research for existing small businesses (whether online or offline) and those looking to get started or expand upon their internet marketing empire.

As a website owner, keyword research should be one of the first things performed to properly rank highly for specific search terms in search engines. A site without targeted keywords is doing nothing more than spraying the SERPs with a shotgun trying to get a bullseye. Without proper keywords in your arsenal, your search engine optimization safe might as well be unlocked.

The process for the buyer for my service is as simple as it gets:

• First, you place an order and provide a niche in which you are looking for keywords to be researched and provided. (That is all you, the buyer, will need to do).
• Second, I run a complete analysis of that full niche using multiple available and hand-built tools, as well as manual input where applicable. The end result of this is a beautiful, curated list of keywords that are matched to both your niche and your needs.
• Finally, I hand over the full package of all requested and researched keywords, along with an explanation of how to best utilize these keywords to dominate your chosen niche. I also provide a detailed report with methodologies to find additional similar and longtail keywords to use to your advantage.

Whether you have a website that you are looking to pump more organic traffic to, or are wanting to start up something in a new niche, or even are looking to start a small business and take over some local terms, this is the service for you. A one stop keyword shop for all your needs.

Price: Only $200!


  • What do I recieve? A full excel report with low competition keywords in your prefered niche.
  • What’s the Turn Around Time?  Around 7 business days.
  • What about refunds?Once the research has started there’s no refunds possible.
  • What if I’m not statisfied? I’ll continue and work harder untill you are 🙂

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