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GET SCHOOLED: Best in Class Scholarship Link Outreach and Placement

Dofollow EDU backlinks are the cream of the crop when it comes to powerful SEO link building. Here are some of the many benefits of high quality scholarship links for your brand:

  • Improvements in website Trust Flow: Google’s search algorithm determines site trustworthiness (known as Majestic Trust Flow) by what entities link back to your site. EDU websites are highly
  • Faster ranking capabilities: With proper on-site internal linking, a scholarship campaign can drastically and quickly improve your site’s search engine optimization.
  • Insane boosts in high-quality referring domains (RD): High quality EDU scholarship links pointing to your brand are a quick way to grow your site’s referring domain authority with high quality links.
  • Opportunities for boosts in organic search traffic: Not only will your website benefit from the high-quality link with stronger rankings, these rankings will result in better organic search traffic to your site.

These links come with a ridiculously high credibility, especially when coming from known universities and colleges.

But how does the process work? What do you need to provide me, and what will I do for you?


Once your order has been placed, I will request you develop a scholarship page for your website. This page will offer a unique scholarship opportunity (generally valued between $X and $X) for some niche of individuals planning to go to college. We will provide the copy that needs to go on the page, all you will need to do is create the page, paste the content, and format as you wish.

Once complete, you will also need to create a scholarship-based domain email that follows the following protocol: scholarship@[DOMAIN].[TLD]. The reason for this is to provide legitimacy for your brand while we perform manual outreach to these educational institutions to obtain links for your website.

At this point, we begin the outreach process, contacting various universities financial aid departments to obtain the highest quality links imaginable. We use the most professional communication available to obtain these links at the most effective speed, without the sacrifice of customer service.

Once we obtain confirmation that we can achieve a planted link, there will likely be follow-ups and forms to fill out. I fill out as much as I can where possible. If there are additional fields requiring your input, I will let you know what and how.

Once the links are live on the college’s website, I will send a completed report out to you with the details of communication and the live links obtained for your website and brand.


Are we going to have to pay for these scholarships?

Fear not. In most cases, there are no submissions for these obscure scholarship opportunities. Even if you do receive some entries to your “scholarship”, you are in control of the acceptance and rejection of applicants.

What is the turnaround time for these EDU scholarship links?

The outreach process takes time, as there is lag time in responses, and conversations that need to take place to get all details hammered out. For this reason, we estimate turnaround times between X days and X days.

Are there any niches that are not allowed?

Generally, I can work with all niches, however I won’t allow niches relating to adult, gambling and pharmaceuticals. The odds of getting a scholarship link in these niches is extremely low, and I don’t want to waste your time.

High Authority EDU Scholarship Links

High Authority EDU Scholarship Links
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