Silo your website

What’s so special about a silo structure on your website?

It is really important that your website is structured in a way that the search engines can easily determine what your website is about. But not only for the search engines – you’ll see that your website is much more user friendly because its easier for visitors to discover your website. This will bring down your bounces rate which is good for SEO performances.

To sum it up:

  • Makes Google happy
  • Makes visitors happy
  • Increase in organic keywords
  • Makes you happy

How to proper silo your website?

Let’s say you promote toys and your domain is
Next thing you want to do is make categories – but then with pages. Just leave the ‘post’ section for what it is.

So you make different pages – ‘boys’ ‘girls ‘pets’ etc. etc.

You now have:

For this example we’re going to stick with ‘boys’. Add a general article on that page about toys for boys and do some proper interlinking.

Next you want to make different categories for ‘boys’ -> like ‘action-figures’ or ‘remote-cars’ etc.
When you make those pages select on the right under ‘page attributes’ -> parent -> ‘boys’

Now you have

From here you could add a page ‘toy-story’ and make ‘action-figures’ parent page.


Make sure to have a supporting article on every page you create and interlink to the different pages in the silo.

So that’s about it. It is a very small guide, but we don’t have to complicate things. Silo your website properly and watch your organic keywords fly trough the roof.


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