WP Speed and Onpage SEO

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You know me. You know my work. I’ve been providing high-quality, personal services here on Black Hat World for several years. In those years, I’ve traversed plenty of SEO and website development services. I’ve done keyword research and development, I’ve done custom Amazon affiliate sites, I’ve done pre-built Amazon affiliate sites, and everything in between.
In that time, the one thing I’ve been truly passionate about is ensuring that the web properties I create are smooth-running machines.
  • I obsess over speed tests, and chipping away at page load times to ensure that even the most graphically-dense WordPress pages load in milliseconds.
  • I have dedicated myself to watching improvements in rankings and profits due to well-formatted onpage search engine optimization.
  • I am a practitioner of the SILO structure of websites, ensuring categories and subcategories are properly structured for optimal visitor navigation.


What is “Onpage SEO” and why is it important?
Onpage SEO is the art of optimizing individual web pages to rank higher in search engines, and consequently gather more relevant organic traffic. Onpage refers to both the content, structure and code of a page that can be optimized. This differs from Offpage SEO, which is typically link building.
Now, I’m wanting to pass these learned skills on to you. I am proud to offer the same level of detail that I put into the websites I put my brand behind into your own web properties.
Here is what I am offering:
Onpage SEO
Through an array of advanced WordPress plugins, extensive personal and client-side experience with onpage strategies, and knowledge of what customers and search engines are looking for, I marry the two to ensure your website has the most effective onpage search engine optimization possible.
Anything I am able to do to improve performance I will do so. Things that would be extensive changes or would affect the layout of the website, I will advise best strategies and provide a step by step approach for how to get things done.
Here are a few examples of successful onpage SEO strategies, and the numbers that prove their value:


WordPress Speed Enhancements
Utilizing various plugins, caching, compression, minification, image optimization and more, I work diligently to ensure that your website’s server load time is as low as possible. White screens lead to bounces, and slow loading is the death of commissions and sales. I strive to ensure that this problem is an issue of the past.
Check out a few of my own projects, as well as some client projects, and how I was able to take their page speed load times to a fraction of what they were:
What are you waiting for?
I’ve been doing this for a while, and have glowing reviews from all corners of the world. This process is by far my favorite part of website creation. I’m a numbers guy, and watching site page speed get faster, organic rankings grow, and profits grow as a result is a thrill. Let me pass that thrill on to you.